Receiving real estate units:

#Exception can help you in all steps of purchasing, starting from writing the contract in a legal and sound manner by professionals in that field until you receive the housing unit.

#Exception can also obtain court rulings in the event that you do not receive the unit on the specified date.

  The provisions obligating delivery, withholding the remaining installments, and compensation for the delay in the delivery of the unit shall be according to final judgments that shall be enforceable as soon as possible.

Article 206 of the Civil Code states that: The obligation to transfer a certain right includes the obligation to deliver the thing and preserve it until delivery.

Article 435 of the Civil Code states that: Handing over what is sold is what it is and placing it at the disposal of the buyer so that he can possess and benefit from it.

Article 203 of the Civil Code states: The debtor, after being given an excuse according to Articles 219 and 220, is obliged to implement his commitment in kind, whenever this is possible, and the contract must be executed according to what it contains.

After confirming the authenticity of the papers and all proof of ownership, #Exception can help you obtain your back unit and receive it without any damage and in the fastest time, by a team of distinguished lawyers in this field.

We also follow all legal and administrative procedures to ensure your right and preserve your information and property.