Our company -Exception- can provide you with any inquiry you want about your purchases or the seller before you buy an apartment, villa, chalet or land. This could be done by the following procedures to present full studies to Leal you to the safe decision:

  1. Inquiry about the seller to make sure of his projects credibility.
  2. How far his obligation towards the previous projects.
  3. His financial stake, and determining his credibly
  4. Checking his ownership authorities and contracts
  5. Making investigations to know if the seller had any conflicts with others. And how could this affect his projects.
  6. Following up the timetable of the project and stages of implementation, and how far the announced dates for submission are congruent to the timetable.

The previous stapes are done before the buying process. your decision must not be taken from any paid advertisement, whatever it is. Most of the media channels are not subjected to government censorship.