Bank disputes:

Legal provisions related to banking, money markets and companies are considered one of the most difficult legal processes due to the complexity of concepts related to this field. This is represented in the legal regulation of these subjects. As it needs specialists with a high level of professionalism and competence to study its legal rules and analyze them. This is due to its extreme importance and the seriousness of the consequences of the smallest mistake in its organization, and failure to meet the necessary attention and required accuracy may harm the public interests.

A bank dispute is defined as a dispute existing between credit institutions and their clients regarding one of the banking operations such as:

* Disputes related to bank accounts.

* Conditions for granting loans.

* Hand over some documents to clients.

* Other technical and legal disputes.

* Settlement of bank disputes.

Because of the importance and seriousness of this topic, we offer you an accurate understanding of its provisions from the legal side, such as:

* Understand banking operations from a legal perspective

* Commercial papers and check provisions.

* The main provisions of the Central Bank, Banking and Monetary System Law.

* Legal aspects in credit decision-making processes.

* Different types of collateral for credit facilities.

* Provisions of the Trade Law.

* Careful examination of the provisions of banking contracts in all their forms given the importance and seriousness of these contracts.

* Full knowledge of the legal provisions of the capital market, companies listed on and outside the stock exchange, and the provisions for mergers and acquisitions.

 * Conflict resolution skills related to business and banking contracts, as well as the money market and companies, through the arbitration mechanism.