Debt Collection

Procrastination in “paying off debts” is a concern for many companies, institutions and individuals, and although it is not a phenomenon in the academic sense, it is a problem that needs to be solved, especially as it leads to the loss of the rights of others and the plunder of creditors' money, so we can provide debt collection service such as:

  • Auto loan debt collection
  • Collecting credit card debt
  • Personal loan debt collection
  • Collecting individual debts
  • Corporate debt collection
  • Collecting bank and insurance company debts
  • Debt collection from clients in general.


And by following many procedures such as:

• Collection by following the method of identifying the customer, notifying him, developing programs for him, and following all possible methods of collection and achieving the goal.

• Preparing and maintaining detailed records of clients and their accounts.

• Work to preserve the customer without damaging the collection process.

• Work to maintain the confidentiality of all collection information.

• Work to review the collection plan and program.

• Working on adopting the best method in communicating with and influencing clients.


By using many skills such as:

  • Communication skills and telephone collection.
  • Skills of negotiation and persuasion.
  • Field visit strategies.
  • Procedures for dealing with defaulting clients.